RAASTA 10mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

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Model: RAASTA 10mm
Manufacturer: Gilmonte – The Rope Maker (Europe)
Area of use: rocks, rock walls, mountaineering
Mission: universal lightweight rope with long durability for sport climbing designed for a wide spectrum of climbers
Raasta 10,0 will give your climbing freedom. Raasta 10,0 is the rope that will become part of your body and your movements. Flexible, lightweight, compact, excellent knotability. It is a partner of a wide climbing society.
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Diameter 10,0mm
Type single
Static Elongation 7,9 %
Dynamic Elongation 34%
Max.impact Force 8,3kN
Proportion of sheath 32%
Number of Falls 10
Sheath Slippage 0
Knotability 0,7
Weight 65g/m


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The meaning of markings:

  1. CE1015: certifying body.
  2. EN 892: tested in pursuance of the European Standard.
  3. The colour yarn within the rope: year of manufacture.
  4. Waterproof: Waterproof rope with hydrophobic treatment.

Instruction to use:
Learn safe methods and skills how to use your rope together with emergency procedures. Contact your local climbing club in order to obtain proper training. Climbing and other activities above free depth are dangerous activities. Not following relevant safety rules may put your life and the lives of further people in danger. Do not underestimate unpredictable events.

To learn more about dynamic rock climbing ropes, please read our post here.

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Weight 4550 kg





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