Climb X Premier Climbing Harness – Warrior

$ 100.00

Specially designed for rock climbing or indoor sports climbing.

Double Buckle Harness.

WAIST 26″ – 35″ 32″ – 40″
LEGS 20″ – 24″ 22″ – 27″

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Weight 467 g
Gender Both Gender
Sizes Available S/M & M/L
Gear Loops 2 Gear loops
Belay (loop or tie in) One Loop
Waist Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Leg Buckle Type Quick Adjust
Drop Seat Yes
Haul Loop Yes (18kN)
Certification CE
Waist Size S/M 26″ – 35″
Leg Size S/M 20″ – 24″
Waist Size M/L 32″ – 40″
Leg Size M/L 22″ – 27″

Our premier harness, the Warrior brings maximum strength and comfort to conquer any big wall or long route. The Warriors four auto-locking buckle system delivers unrivaled safety. The additional padding makes long days on the face even more enjoyable. In addition to the regular fully adjustable waist belt, leg loops, and quick release leg risers, the Warrior features an innovative design that helps you seek balance by keeping the weight of your rack, belay loop, and haul loop centered. The Warrior also features four reinforced gear loops designed for easy clipping to organize your quiver of pro for the vertical siege.

Compared to other harnesses, our design does not sew through the padding, which can compromise the integrity of the material. Therefore, this harness will stay comfortable and reliable for seasons to come. Our buckles are made with top of the line 7075 Aircraft Aluminum and are certified to ensure safety. Below is a sizing chart for the Warrior Harnesses. Remember, you want a snug fit for your harness. Each size will fit waists and legs outside the listed range, but these measurements are optimal for each size. Also, think about if you anticipate doing any cold weather climbing where you may be wearing bulkier layers. Because the Warrior is a four buckle harness, it is fully adjustable and fits a very wide range of sizes. This is a great choice if you want a harness to fit multiple climbers.

WAIST 26″ – 35″ 32″ – 40″
LEGS 20″ – 24″ 22″ – 27″


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