Climbing Quickdraws

A climbing equipment used by intermediate climbers in lead climbing and mountaineering, it allows the climber to attach their rope to bolt anchors or other protection gear when climbing. The quickdraw, sometimes referred to as an extender, consists of two carabiners joined by a sewn loop of webbing, or a sling. Climbing quickdraws can come in a variety of combinations, used in different types of climbing and favoured among different climbers, depending on ease of use. The slings can come in varying length and material as well.

Usage of Quickdraws in Singapore

There are two main types of quickdraws, namely the wiregate and solidgate quickdraws. The difference in the two are the weight and ease of use. For traditional outdoor climbing where bringing your own equipment means every bit of gear weight adds up, the lighter wiregates with thinner Dyneema slings are preferred. It is more common however to spot the heavier and more robust solidgate quickdraws in the climbing gyms of Singapore, where durability and ease of use is of a higher priority. Some indoor gyms in Singapore provide quickdraws for rental, and in the cases of outdoor climbs, a good estimate of the amount of quickdraws to get is about 12-15.

Do take note of the safety procedures when using climbing quickdraws, and never attempt to use them without proper guidance and knowledge.

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