Climbing Harness

Rock Climbing Harness

A climbing harness is an essential piece of safety equipment designed for rock-climbing, abseiling and other activities that require the user to be suspended and anchored at elevated levels. Climbing harnesses are strictly designed to keep the user safe, but they can come in different shapes and sizes to cater to different body types, sizes and needs, improving comfort, such as the use of padding, or non-sweat absorbent material, adjustable straps, rise (distance between the leg loops and waist belt). There are harnesses for men and women as well as children, so make sure to take note of these details when selecting your harness! A rock climbing harness will last you for good many years, so it is wise to find one that you are really comfortable and happy with.

Use of Climbing Harness in Singapore

Unlike climbing shoes where the shoes are usually removed between climbs, it is common to wear your climbing harness for the entire indoor or outdoor climb session, as putting on and taking off the harness can take a while. You can typically rent a harness at climbing gyms in Singapore, but they usually come in limited sizes and can be old. A poorly fitted or an old pair of harness can be dangerous to the climber and cause unnecessary injury or discomfort to the wearer. In the case of buying a harness, a higher price does not always mean a better one, as quality harnesses can be found at different price points.

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