Climbing Carabiners


Carabiners or Karabiners are metal loops with spring or screw gate closures, typically used to quickly connect components. A carabiner is commonly used in mountain, rock, sport climbing and industrial works and come in all shapes and sizes.

Locking and Non-locking carabiners

There are two main types of Carabiners, locking (screwgate) and non-locking (snapgate) varieties. In Sport or Rock climbing, both types are used, with the larger locking screwgate variety also known as HMS style carabiner (usually D-shaped) for belaying and top roping, where it is important for the carabiner to remain locked for strongest load strength. Non-locking carabiners are used on protection, bolts and quickdraws. They are lighter than locking carabiners.
Information about the strength of a climbing carabiner can be found on the side, indicated in kiloNewtons (kN).

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