Belay Devices

Climbing Belay Device

A belay device is one of the key equipment used in rock or sport climbing. It is a piece of device that is used to control a rope mainly during belaying, rappelling or abseiling, with the use of friction, so that the belayer can manage and control their descent with minimal physical effort, even in the cases of a heavier climber and a lighter belayer. There are many different types of belay devices which require different techniques to use them, but a common factor which is that they all operate as friction brakes. Added features are used to enhance safety, sometimes at the expense of ease of use. Some climbing belay devices are better suited for ropes of certain diameters, hence it is important to first make note of such detail when purchasing your own rope and climbing belay device.

Belay Devices in Singapore

The most commonly used belay device in Singapore is the ATC, which stands for the Air Traffic Controller. It is a simple to use, lightweight, small and affordable for a climber who might be just starting out. There are other kinds of belay devices available, such as the Grigri, which operates as an assisted braking device and have an additional locking feature for added safety. Regardless of the type of belay device one uses, climbers are advised to be attentive and careful when using any belay devices to ensure the safety of themselves and their partners.

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