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X Sport Pte Ltd – GO VERTICAL

X Sport Pte Ltd was founded by 3 individuals in Singapore with a shared passion for recreational climbing. As interest in sport climbing picked up and demand of rock climbing gears increased, the three decided to make climbing gears more accessible and thus X Sport was born.

Our primary objective is to provide the finest service and quality products that are durable, long lasting, with the best value for money. We hope to offer a pleasant shopping experience to cater to climbers from all walks of life and skill level, and will readily provide assistance for enquiries to help you find the most suitable climbing equipment or shoes for your needs.

We are pleased to announce that X Sport Pte Ltd is also part of a joint venture with a local travel company (name) to organize local and international climbing trips, and to supplement travelers with appropriate rock climbing gears. It will be our pleasure to share and be a part of your climbing journey.

Here, you will find equipment such as these listed below, but as a growing business, we are always looking to expand our stocks and collection. Do check back occasionally to see what else we have in store!

Rock Climbing Gears

Rock Climbing Shoes
Rock Climbing Harness
Belay Devices
Personal Anchor System (PAS)
Climbing Helmets
Climbing Ropes
Chalk Bags




“Nothing is too Extreme with X Sport”

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